Debt Review Specialists


KMA Debt Counselling has been assisting over-indebted consumers since June 2015 and our Debt Counsellor, Saloshini Kandhai has been registered with the National Credit Regulator since December 2012. 

We are based in Durban, South Africa but assist clients all over South Africa. Our agents are able to assist both in English and Isi-Zulu. 

We are very passionate about helping our over-indebted clients and once you sign up with our company, we will provide you with an excellent service and make sure that your financial situation improves and ultimately you will become debt free.

 You will be involved in every step of the process and we will always keep you informed on the progress of your application.

We love it when we can issue our clients with a credit clearance certificate and they have been successfully rehabilitated. 


The Debt Review Process

  1. Complete Free Debt Assessment
  2. Sign application Form 16
  3. Debt Counsellor sends Form 17.1 to all Credit providers
  4. Creditors issue a Certificate of Balance (COB) 
  5. Debt Counsellor will assess your application after receiving all final balances from creditors
  6. Debt Counsellor will issue Form 17.2 and a provisional proposal to all creditors
  7. Creditors respond with a letter of acceptance or a counter proposal
  8. A final proposal is sent to all creditors
  9. Creditors issue a final response
  10. The application goes to court for a granted court order
  11. Once all the debt is paid up, a credit clearance certificate is issued by the Debt Counsellor
  12. You are now DEBT-FREE


KMA Debt Counselling will assist you with each step of the Debt Review process. 

Our highly qualified team is always on hand to assist you with any queries about the process and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that we provide you with the best service.

To ensure a successful application we will always communicate each step with our clients so that they are always informed on the progress of their application.

KMA Debt Counselling works very closely with Hyphen PDA and all our clients receive statements from Hyphen every month so that they are able to keep track of the distribution to creditors.

At KMA Debt Counselling we pride ourselves with the amount of care we take with every single application. We look forward to assisting you.