Debt Review Specialists

Debt Counselling made easy


1.  A free assessment of your all your Debt.

2. Reduce your monthly repayments to your credit providers.

3. Reduce your interest rates.

4. Provide legal protection  from your          creditors.

5. Issue you with a Credit Clearance Certificate when you become Debt      Free.

We have the solution to help you!

KMA Debt Counselling specializes in Debt Review Applications. We do Debt Review well and we will be by your side during every step of the process. We offer customized applications to suit our client's differing needs. Get the very best advice today!


What do our Clients say .......?

Mr A Plaag
Hi, when I applied for Debt Review with KMA I was having sleepless nights because of my debt. The friendly and efficient staff at KMA helped give me back my self-respect and dignity and more importantly helped me manage my debt. 
Thank you KMA

Miss Christine Nayager
I have been using KMA Debt Counselling for the past year, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual with providing excellent feedback. They have been very responsible and reliable concerning my finances, and always do exactly what I ask of them. The service I receive is exceptional on a professional level. I'm happy to recommend the services of KMA Debt Counselling.

Mr T S Mokobane
KMA Debt Counselling made sure that I received the best representation at the lowest cost and always put my best interest first. Special thanks to KMA for helping me when I needed help.

Thanks a lot.

Hyphen PDA is the company that KMA Debt Counselling uses to facilitate the process of debiting our client’s accounts and distributing the funds to all credit providers.